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Sustainability is a 360-degree journey for us: it starts with the attention paid to the selection of the raw materials used to make our products and ends with the recovery cycle of printed fabrics.

The digitalization of textile printing processes represented the beginning of a new era. The introduction of sublimation printing in the world of sports, promotional and soft signage was an innovation that allowed for extreme customization and a significant reduction in production times.

The extension of this technology to the world of fashion and prêt-à-porter represented a real revolution.

The introduction of synthetic fabrics into textile production, the increase in their use and the continuous improvement of the same from a qualitative and performance point of view, have in fact contributed to producing a largely positive environmental balance.

Nothing like the sublimation technology until now in the textile field has made printing and decoration of fabrics simple, efficient and less impacting from an environmental point of view.

Passion & Excellence
A long experience in textiles and the ability to combine tradition and innovation have guided us in the creation of new generation products.

Poly Chemicals is committed to research and development of solutions that make the expectations of our customers realizable, supporting them in the challenges that await them.



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