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Achieving excellent results in terms of drying and colour rendering with a wide range of print media available on the market, we have developed a series of inks suitable for use with the most common piezoelectric technologies.

The excellent run-ability on any kind of substrates combined together with an excellent “open time” allowing an easy re-start of the printing machine on the morning or after holidays ensure a constant and high-quality standard and an excellent chromatic vivacity.

Sublimation ink for digital printing machines equipped with Epson ™ printheads

Polyjet  SUBLI S-E

The new generation of sublimation inks: eco-friendly and with a high transfer capacity.

The SUBLI S-E Polyjet ink combines excellent run-ability with extraordinarily intense and brilliant colours.

Sublimation inks for digital printing machines equipped with Panasonic ™ printheads

Polyjet  SUBLI S-P

Extraordinary colour intensity combined with excellent performance even at high speed, typical of Panasonic ™ technology.


Sublimation ink for digital printing machine equipped with Kyocera ™ printheads

Polyjet  SUBLI S-K

The innovative formula of Polyjet SUBLI S-K meets stringent safety parameters. This aspect, together with its excellent “open time” allowing an easy re-start of the printing machine in the morning or after holidays, make it a concrete ecological solution in the field of industrial production.

Passion & Excellence
A long experience in textiles and the ability to combine tradition and innovation have guided us in the creation of new generation products.

Poly Chemicals is committed to research and development of solutions that make the expectations of our customers realizable, supporting them in the challenges that await them.



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